Welcome to BuddyBop! This is a social networking site (Not really) and you can create an account and post on other people's American Girl posts. THESE PAGES ARE PROTECTED AND THIS IS AWESOME. Please have fun and leave us feedback!

How does this work first of all?

If you need help, first create an account and keep it your name like Google+. 

What do I post on my profile and how?

You may post things that are not against the Wikia rules. Check it out, and search To post something, go to your profile and create a page. To edit, press the edit button. Have fun!

How was BuddyBop created?

BuddyBop was created when one of the Facebook workers took a vacation and watched some Dog with A Blog. He watched the BuddyBop episode and said that was perfect! He quit working in facebook and came to start BuddyBop. Right now, we are in the middle of growing our site. Please contribute!

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